We are Thoughtful Beauty

We deliver thoughtful, effective, formulas powered by ancient heritage botanicals
and advances in dermal science to deliver real results across diverse skin tones.

Our Approach


We value heritage, customs and learning’s from our past whilst embracing progressive innovations in dermal science to create a world where both approaches can co-exist with respect and harmony.


Sachi was created from a place of deep understanding and care for diverse skin needs with the goal of healthy skin. From thoughtful formulations to attentive sourcing of ingredients, packaging and manufacturing processes; each step of the process is made with deliberate considerations


Our formulas are made with intelligent and clinically effective ingredients at concentrations that work, alongside time-tested ancient supernutrients for visible skin results, bringing your skin to its healthiest, most balanced state.

Powered by a new way of thinking:


“To be human is to live in a constant state of change.”
Farah (Founder, Sachi Skin)

At Sachi, we look beyond convenient labels that limit us rather than free us. We believe the skin exists
more often in states than types. Skin types are fixed, while skin states are changing.The state of our
skin is constantly evolving throughout the day and throughout our lifetime. It also changes depending
on our physical, mental, emotional or environmental states and yet given the right environment, it has
the ability to heal itself.

Guided by our new way of thinking, Sachi products are created to support your skin health and
well-being bringing you to a state of balance.

Taking Care of All Skins

Our formulations take into consideration the unique physiology of diverse skin tones and their needs such as darker skin tones that may suffer from higher rates of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after skin trauma and irritation, increased risk of scarring, burns, lower levels of ceramides and skin barrier disruptions . Whilst lighter skin tones may have higher rates of transepidermal water loss and suffer from greater loss of collagen.

We are dedicated to creating products that embrace your cultural diversity and skin tone making beauty choices easy for all.

We are more than our effective formulations

At Sachi we believe in the interconnected approach to good skin health and taking care of the whole you, which has long been practiced in ancient traditions, prioritising not only good skin, but your psyche and emotional well-being too.

Brands can be gatekeepers that shape our culture, beauty standards and language. At Sachi we are dedicated to changing the way you think and feel about your skin - this starts with our use of language and eliminating words that shames us or make us feel less than.


Meet The Founder

"I believe that truth in ancient wisdom, innovations in dermal science and a change in the beauty narrative has the power to transform both you and your skin."

Nothing is ever black and white

We formulate based on EU regulations and work with ingredients that are high in quality and efficacy.

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