Sachi was born out of necessity and from a place of authenticity.

As a person of colour who battles with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, PCOS-related bouts of acne, melasma, body eczema, among other skin issues, I have experienced first-hand the struggles of finding effective products that use safe ingredients tailored to the sensitivities of skin of colour

I saw how much confidence even skin tone gave me from a makeup perspective and I wanted to be at that stage without relying upon heavy layers of makeup. Our first product Triphala Pigmentation CorrectorTM is made from a place of deep understanding and care for diverse skin needs, with a goal of true inclusivity in mind - caring for melanin-rich skins and all skins. A non-AHA/BHA, a non-retinoid, non-hydroquinone light serum to smooth skin texture, brighten and effectively fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation whilst working effortlessly in your skin routine.

Yet Sachi Skin is more than it’s effective formulations - it is about empowering you along your skin journey which is why I launched a FREE Hyperpigmentation Ebook. I believe all skins deserve to be taken care of and after four years of development, I am excited to share Sachi Skin with you.

Thank you for letting us be part of your skin journey


Over 17 years experience in Beauty including:

  • Cosmetic Product Formulator
  • Beauty Therapy (Aesthetician UK)
  • Beauty Retail (UK)
  • Skin Educator @beamwonder
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