Discover how these two powerhouse treatments
differ and how we at Sachi Skin layer them for the
optimal well-ageing benefits.


Ayurvedic Retinoid System

The Ursolic Acid and Retinal Overnight Reform (UAR) is our answer to the existing market of harsh and irritation-causing retinoids. Formulated with all skins in mind, it contains a powerful proprietary blend of encapsulated Retinaldehyde, patented Liposomal Ursolic Acid and a restorative Tripeptide, working alongside an ancient Ayurvedic botanical blend and twelve antioxidants, including brighteners Bakuchiol, Glutathione and Niacinamide.

What we’ve created is an overachieving blend, which boosts collagen production, improves cell turnover and targets premature ageing, while defending against sun damage, discolouration and breakouts. Even as it does all of this, the serum is kind to your skin, minimising the irritation associated with conventional retinoids.

Dioic Enzyme Exfoliation System

Our Complexion Clarifying Accelerator (CCA) is a next-generation multitasker containing a 12.5% Enzyme Acid blend of Dioic, Mandelic, Salicylic and Pomegranate Enzymes. With this serum, we wanted to address hyperpigmentation, dark spots and also prevent dark marks appearing from breakouts at the same time.

What we came up with is a delicate balance of exfoliants, potent brighteners and blemish-clarifying agents with essential nutrients that calm the skin, supporting the delicate skin barrier. You get all the benefits of traditional AHAs: retexturisation, reduced discolouration, faded hyperpigmentation, refined pores, fewer breakouts and lines and wrinkles smoothened in appearance.

Your PM Routine: Incorporating both Products into a Skin Ritual


To help remove stubborn
makeup and SPF


Apply 1-2 pumps all over
the face and pat till dry.


Apply 1-2 pumps over your
face, neck, and chest.


Apply ½-1 pump all
over the face.


Suited to you skin.

The key is to be intentional. Alternate days of use, especially if you’re not yet an advanced retinoid user.

We also recommend never starting two new products together, so stagger them as you incorporate them into your routine. One product at a time. With retinoids, always start slow if you are a beginner. Use once a week at night, and build up each week. Then, ramp it up to two nights the week after. Eventually, you’ll find the frequency of use that your skin can best tolerate!

To use both, another option is to incorporate the CCA as a flash mask twice a week on the first week, before slowly transitioning
to overnight use. You could also try mixing it up: use the CCA sometimes as a flash brightening mask, and other times as an overnight texturising treatment.

Be aware of your experience with Retinoids:

For Retinoid beginners, avoid exfoliating for 2-3 weeks and use the Ursolic Acid Retinal Overnight Reform twice a week. Afterward, or for Retinoid intermediates, you can alternate the products, using the Complexion Clarifying Accelerator twice a week and the Ursolic Acid Retinal Overnight Reform four times a week.

Lastly, for experienced Retinoid users, you can layer the products, still taking care to use the Complexion Clarifying Accelerator only about twice a week.

No matter what, always remember to use sunscreen with a broad spectrum and at least 30 SPF and above


Yes, you can. But, we still suggest that you take into account your experience with Retinoids. Our advice, to start slow and to incorporate one product at a time still applies!

Yes you can! But we only suggest this for advanced retinoid users who
are acclimated to strong Vitamin A or prescription strength use. Even so, we suggest using the CCA 1-3 times a week, even if you’re using the UAR every day.

Yes, but, again, be careful and start slow. See our above tips for starting with the CCA as a flash mask rather than an overnight serum. You can also sandwich the UAR between two moisturising layers.

Also consider using our Pro-Resilience serum, which is designed to cultivate a pro-healing environment on your skin, if you struggle with skin irritation.

You will need to pay attention to your skin tolerance and sensitivities levels. If you cannot tolerate using both products on the same day please scale back and use on alternate days.

Just remember to always wear SPF the morning after!

We suggest that you sandwich the UAR between two layers of moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated as it acclimatise to the product and don’t forget to layer the Pro Resilience Serum underneath

No–the undereye area is very delicate, so we suggest that you avoid the under eye skin when using our CCA. However, the Pro-Resilience serum, which is filled with ingredients that work to create a pro-healing environment for your skin, is appropriate to use under your eyes, and has well ageing benefits, including the smoothening in appearance of fine lines.

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