How to Transition into Summer Skincare

Sun, heat, sweat, vacations means it’s time to roll into a new summer skincare routine.

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As the weather warms up, you may have already started to swap out your heavy jumpers in favour of light wispy dresses and summer T-shirts. But, what about your skincare routine? Just like clothes, certain products are better suited to different seasons. Here’s a quick rundown on how to transition your skincare routine as the weather warms up.


#1 Stock up on sun protection

Unprotected exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause damage to the skin and eyes. It also triggers more pigment production, leading to worsened hyperpigmentation and unevenness in skin. 

Sunscreen should be worn all year round, especially during the summer. It is also worthwhile switching up to a higher level of protection if you can. Apply it liberally all over the face, neck, chest and ears to counter uneven tanning and scarring. Sun damage accumulates, so remember to reapply every 2 hours for continuous protection. Read our free Hyperpigmentation Ebook for the full details on how to apply sunscreen.


#2 Antioxidants are your best friends

The extra UV rays during summer creates free radicals in our skin, which are a source of oxidative stress that causes damage. The Triphala Pigmentation Corrector is an antioxidant powerhouse that fights to keep the skin protected from oxidative damage. Its lightweight consistency and ability to absorb quickly into the skin is perfect for the summer when you want to be choosing lighter layers and as a plus point, it layers easily under sunscreen too.



#3 Add hydration

Don’t be afraid to increase hydrating layers and mists into your routine especially as you reduce more occlusive steps. Just pay attention when misting over SPF throughout the day, this will mean you need to reapply SPF, especially if you are outdoors.


#4 Don't forget to exfoliate

Excess sweat and oil during the summer can be a recipe for new breakouts. This is where exfoliating acids can help to unclog any dead skin cells and trapped sebum from pores to prevent new blemishes from forming. Our Complexion Clarifying Accelerator contains an Enzyme acid blend that helps unclog pores and rebalance oil to keep your skin clear and smooth. 



#5 Double cleanse

Using hydrating or creamy cleansers in the summer can make you feel like the oil and sweat from the day never left your face - not very satisfying. Try double cleansing with an oil or balm followed by a gel-based or exfoliating cleanser to ensure that you're removing any oily residues left behind. If oil-cleansing is not your thing, try micellar water as the first step of your makeup or sunscreen removal.




#6 Worried about Retinoids?

Worried about Retinoid use in summer? Don’t be. We mostly recommend retinoids to be used at night since they (Vitamin A) are unstable under sunlight. But if you are worried that you are not getting enough sun protection during the day to protect yourself from the sensitising effects of Retinoids, try spacing your Retinoid use over more nights, giving your skin time to heal in between applications and avoid any irritation and sensitive issues. This is where our Ursolic Acid & Retinal Overnight Reform comes in, it uses encapsulated Retinal paired with antioxidants and a restorative Tripeptide for gentle delivery to your skin with minimal risk of irritation, and its light gel cream texture makes it perfect for the summer too.

Now that we have some key transition steps in place to help your skin feel comfortable and keep you glowing, enjoy the summer breaks and happy sun days ahead! ☀️

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