Best Ways to Prevent and Target Sun Spots This Summer

Whether you have sun spots or freckles, they have a way of worsening over the summer. Here are some best practices to prevent and to reduce their appearance.

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We think freckles are awesome, but if you want to stop them from darkening or spreading throughout the summer, here are some tips on understanding hyperpigmentation and how to best deal with any unwanted hyperpigmentation while spending time outdoors.



Sun spots, sometimes known as age spots, and freckles may look similar, but they are not the same. Here is a quick rundown on their difference before we look at best practices.


Sun spots (left) are permanent, usually appear years after sun exposure, accumulate with age, commonly appear on mature skins and affect mostly the face, neck, chest and arms. They mostly appear larger (more than 1-2mm) than freckles (usually less than 2mm).




Meanwhile, freckles (right) are genetic. They usually appear during summertime and fade away in winter, and for some, they may even disappear completely after a few years of adulthood. 


As with all kinds of hyperpigmentation, UV exposure worsens their appearance. So taking pre-emptive measures during the summer can reduce their appearance especially if it is something that bothers you.



3 Ways to Prevent:


1. Consistent use of sunscreen

Making a habit of including sun protection in your routine all year round is the first step in reducing the risk of sun spots forming in the future. Make sure to also get broad spectrum protection on top of a high SPF.


2. Physical protection

The face is not the only place sun spots and freckles can appear. Other sun-exposed areas include the neck, shoulders and arms. Try UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothing, which provides broad spectrum sun protection and ensures that your entire body is protected from UV rays. Hats and sunglasses are another line of defence to protect your face and the delicate skin around your eyes.


3. Avoid heat exposure

Besides UV rays, heat from the sun can also trigger melanocytes (these are your pigment producing cells) to produce more melanin. So even after donning sunscreen and protective clothing, make sure you are limiting exposure to direct sunlight to minimise heat exposure. 




Here are skincare options to maintain even skin tone.


1. Pigmentation correcting serums

These serums combine brighteners to target and fade the appearance of sunspots and freckles, like Sachi Skin’s Triphala Pigmentation Correctorwhich includes ingredients like Niacinamide (which is shown to slow pigment transfer in the skin), antioxidants that help prevent skin damage and innovative peptides that support skin regeneration.


2. Exfoliation

Exfoliation sheds the top layer of your skin containing melanin, helping to lift the discolouration caused by sunspots and freckles. Paired with brighteners like Licorice Extract and Pomegranate Enzymes, Sachi Skin’s Complexion Clarifying Accelerator is a gentle yet effective skin brightening exfoliant.


3. Retinoids

Using retinoids on summer nights supports the skin to fight against sun damage and eases away any spots that have surfaced. Sachi Skin’s Ursolic Acid & Retinal Overnight Reform promotes skin cell turnover without the associated irritation of traditional retinoids due to its hydrating, soothing and antioxidant ingredients.


Pairing all of the above in a weekly or monthly routine will help maintain and protect your melanin for even skin tone.

Managing Expectations 


Managing expectations and being comfortable in one's skin is also important when it comes to sun spots and freckles as there is usually a chance they may never go away and can resurface often even if they do disappear. Nevertheless, we hope that understanding their causes has brought you closer to addressing them or accepting them. Above all, we wish you healthy, happy skin!

Disclaimer: The information provided (written and visual) is only for information purposes and it is not intended to be a medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment.


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