Threading Aftercare Secrets

Threadburn is real. Here’s how to avoid post-threading irritation and redness after using one of our favorite ancient beauty rituals.

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Threading can be traced back over six thousand years in Egypt and India, as an intricate grooming method and beauty ritual.

Threading, Then and Now

Threading has long been used as we use it now: to shape eyebrows and remove unwanted facial hair. It has also, in the past, been used for the removal of body hair. It’s an artform in its own right, with techniques that have been refined over generations for precise hair removal and shaping. While first seen in ancient Egyptian and Indian traditions, beauty enthusiasts globally have caught on to this technique, making it a go-to method in modern salons. Threading involves using a thin thread, typically cotton or, these days, polyester, which is twisted and skillfully maneuvered across the skin, capturing and gently removing individual hairs from their follicles. Some seek out professional threading services, others have embraced the art of threading, learning self-threading at home. 


Taking Care of Your Skin after Threading

While threading is a non-chemical method of hair removal, which prevents irritation in some, it is crucial to provide your skin with proper post-care. Thread-burn can be very, very real.

Many of us have experienced post-threading redness, bumps and irritation.

These tips also apply for post-wax and post tweeze, so, here’s how to help your skin recover from a threading session.

Soothe and hydrate

Following threading, your skin may feel slightly sensitive. Soothe and hydrate the treated area. Some threading salons go the extra mile to follow up a treatment with a dab of rosewater, or a cooling swipe of aloe.

For a peptide boost: Our Pro-Resilience serum is our go-to post-threading irritation, packed with delectable irritation rescue ingredients that work wonders for the delicate barrier.

Avoid Touching

Resist the temptation to touch or rub the threaded area immediately after the procedure. Touching can potentially lead to irritation or introduce bacteria, increasing infection risk. Guard against UV Rays: Shield your skin from harmful UV rays by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF. The delicate skin that has undergone threading may be more susceptible to sun damage. If you’ll be outside after threading, sunscreen is paramount.


No makeup

Refrain from using makeup on the threaded area for at least 24 hours after the session. This allows the skin to recover and reduces the chances of clogged pores. The Gentlest Cleansing: A regular cleansing routine keeps your skin clean and free from impurities. (PS: Cleanse pre-threading.) Afterward, opt for a gentle cleanser and be cautious around the threaded area, avoiding excessive scrubbing that may irritate the skin. Being a proudly South Asian brand, we’re very familiar with the art of threading. Whether you’ve been threading forever, or if you’re looking for a new way to keep your eyebrows sculpted to perfection, we hope these tips have helped you take care of your delicate post-thread skin.

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