Sachi Skin x T.Berry Atelier: A Luxurious Fusion

Introducing Raw Ahimsa Silk Scrunchies

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Introducing our exclusive Sachi Skin Partnership with T.Berry Atelier, the distinguished Indian atelier in the heart of New Delhi. With a focus on sustainability and thoughtful consumption, together we bring you our soft, luxurious and environmentally conscious scrunchie thins. 



T.Berry Atelier 

With a BA Hons in Fashion Design, Tanvi Berry strongly believes fashion to be a force for good with a "People First, Planet First" ethos with the belief of "where we choose to invest our finances truly has the power to change the world". We couldn't agree more!


With that mission in mind, Tanvi Berry founded T.Berry Atelier to create sustainable and luxurious accessories and apparel based on core principles of regenerative circularity, fair trade, inclusivity and social empowerment with a 100% traceable supply chain via co-creation. 


T.Berry Atelier works with Planet Positive Materials - something we at Sachi Skin truly love! These are ethically sourced, organic, bio-dynamic, fair-trade, biodegradable, low impact, cruelty-free and recycled, renewable or regenerative. When Tanvi told us even the elastic is biodegradable, we were completely in awe! 



Here is a little behind the scenes on how your beautiful Sachi Skin Scrunchies came together:




Choosing Ahimsa Silk 

Ahimsa is the standard by which all actions are judged. The practice of ahimsa declares each life as sacred and all actions undertaken must involve no harm to anyone or anything. Ahimsa embodies the greatest care to prevent from knowingly or unknowingly being the cause of injury to any living soul (jiva); thus, ahimsa applies not only to human beings and large animals but also to insects, plants and microbes, such as silkworms.


The ahimsa silk production is a humane alternative to conventional silk production as silk cocoons are only harvested and processed after the silkworm has hatched from the cocoon.


Choosing Bio-Elastic

Embracing environmentally-friendly elastic made of ethically sourced, certified organic cotton and natural rubber, Sachi Skin scrunchie’s elastics are vegan, recyclable, biodegradable and have shown to have better performance, durability and a longer lifespan as compared to traditional, polyester-based elastic. 


Plus – It is GOTS-certified organic, free from plastic and polyester!


Opting for Botanical Dyeing

Honouring and celebrating traditional practices and heritage is at the heart of Sachi Skin. Extracting a plethora of vibrant hues from natural herbs, plants, other floral botanicals and spices is an incredibly slow and beautiful process. Our iconic "Triphala pink” colour is made from these beautiful botanical dyes.  


GOTS-certified dyed threads

Crafted in small batches using a bespoke recipe of GOTS-certified dyes, the threads in our Sachi Skin scrunchie are thoughtfully hand-dyed, complementing our botanically bathed silks.



The Sachi Skin Scrunchie Thins




Our Founder Farah and Tanvi spent the last 6 months going back and forth initially testing the quality of several silks and then moving into testing elastics. After 6 samples, we finally came to put together what you will now receive as our final “Triphala Pink” hair ties.


Stitched with heart, soul and complete care, our Sachi Skin x T.Berry Atelier scrunchie thins houses luxury, heritage, culture and sustainability in one perfectly presented gift box from us to you.   


We cannot wait for you to try these! xx

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