It's Deeper Than Skin®: Meet Hijabi Mohammad

Hijabi influencer Hajar Mohammad shares her thoughts on skincare and inclusivity in the beauty industry.

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It’s Deeper Than Skin ®

It’s Deeper Than Skin ® is a compilation of interviews featuring diverse multicultural individuals each carrying unique aspirations and desires yet bound by a common passion to create a more joyful, diverse and inclusive space for us all. They inspire, empower and help transform the way we think and feel about beauty, culture, ancient traditions, diversity, mental health, societal standards and more. Through these multifaceted lenses, we learn to celebrate our uniqueness and are reminded once again that our beauty is deeper than skin.


Hajar (@honeyjahajar) is a bold and creative skinfluencer (skincare influencer) and freelance beauty writer with a passion for skincare and the beauty industry. As a Hijabi skinfluencer, she uses her voice to advocate for greater skin inclusivity and skin positivity. On her platform, she talks about all things skin - ranging from a comprehensive beginner’s guide to a skincare routine to deeper social issues such as colourism - accompanied with vibrant and fun-looking graphics. Besides her eye-catching Instagram feed, the college student is also a talented writer, with her most recent article on the lack of Hijabi representation in the skincare industry being featured on Byrdie.

We caught up with her as she shares her journey as part of the online beauty community, her thoughts on the beauty industry and how she plans to explore her passion in writing.

Sachi Skin: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hajar: Hi! My name is Hajar and I'm a hijabi skinfluencer looking to push for more inclusivity and skin positivity in the beauty world! I'm currently a college student and adore my cats and boba! 


Sachi Skin: What inspired you to join the online skincare community?

Hajar: I've always been so in love with the beauty community but skincare especially really interested me. I loved the idea of dewy glowing skin and having a skincare routine. Around April of 2020 I randomly posted a flat lay picture of my "skincare faves for glowy skin" because why not, you know? After that, there was this random spark that was telling me to just keep going with it and the rest is history!


Sachi Skin: Tell us about your skin journey and how would you describe your current skin? 

Hajar: I have PCOS which affects my skin every single day. I take birth control which helps control and manage my acne but I still have breakouts and flare ups! I'm always working on treating my congested skin (always located on my forehead) and my hyperpigmentation. I love the state of my skin, whether it's breaking out or not!



“It's important to understand that our skin's fluctuations are normal and that we shouldn't chase after constant clear skin, but rather healthy skin."



Sachi Skin: What is your current skincare ritual?

Hajar: My nighttime routine is when I really practice my skin rituals! Massaging my skin while double cleansing at the beginning of my routine and using my Gua Sha tool at the end of it is such an important part of my routine!

 Fig. 1                                                                          Fig.2  @honeyjarhajar 


Sachi Skin: Growing up, what skincare traditions or customs did you practice?

Hajar: I grew up in a South Asian household and DIY skincare was a HUGE part of that. My mom and I would make turmeric, honey, and yogurt face masks. DIY skincare is something that got me into skincare and though I don't practice DIY skincare now, I can still look back and appreciate the fun times I had making my own face masks!


Sachi Skin: What have you learned in your skincare journey that you would like to share with others?

Hajar: Our skin is always changing. Our skin type changes throughout the years, our environment and weather changes our skin, and there are so many factors that go into our skin. It's important to understand that our skin's fluctuations are normal and that we shouldn't chase after constant clear skin, but rather healthy skin. 



“It's so important that there are BIPOC founders within the industry...They understand and can relate to a larger demographic of people and many BIPOC consumers are craving brands that understand their specific needs.”


Sachi Skin: If you could make one change happen in the beauty industry what would it be?

Hajar: I'd definitely include more hijabi representation. There's such a lack of hijabi inclusion within the beauty industry and it's really disappointing. Hijabi's deserve to be included and I'd love to be able to make real changes to make sure there's actual hijabi representation within the industry. 



     Fig. 3                                                                           Fig.4  @honeyjarhajar 


Sachi Skin: Do you have a favourite Sachi Skin product?

Hajar: I adore the Triphala Pigmentation Corrector! It's a product that I think really changed my skin and helped with my hyperpigmentation and redness. I love how it's a non-exfoliating treatment as well because I can really use it everyday and know that it won't irritate my skin!


 Fig. 5                                                                      Fig.6  @honeyjarhajar                                               

Sachi Skin: Why do you think it is important to support BIPOC founders in the beauty industry?

Hajar: Growing up, I was surrounded by a beauty industry that was very white centered. Even now the industry still is, but I'm seeing far more BIPOC owned brands that are really pushing forward for more inclusivity. It's so important that there are BIPOC founders within the industry because these are people that deserve the spotlight. They understand and can relate to a larger demographic of people and many BIPOC consumers are craving brands that understand their specific needs. 


Sachi Skin: Tell us something that people may not know about you?

Hajar: I could probably tell you exactly what happened just from a single clip in any Dance Moms episode. I don't even particularly love the show, I'm just kind of obsessed with it haha!


               Fig. 7                                                                            Fig.8


Sachi Skin: We love the makeup looks that you feature on your instagram page. Where do you get your makeup inspiration from?

Hajar: Thank you so much! I really love the heavy blush and glowy makeup look along with vibrant colors. I really take inspiration from everywhere! I've been loving the deep kajol and mascara eye look which I get from my own Pakistani and Persian culture!

Sachi Skin: Any movie, Netflix, book recommendations for us to binge on this weekend?

Hajar: Definitely the movie "Dangal" on Netflix! I love to rewatch it like, once a month and the songs are amazing!

Sachi Skin: What's next for you?

Hajar: I'm hoping to get into more beauty writing with beauty magazines like Refinery29, Allure, etc. Writing is my passion and I can't wait to share more of my stories. I'll still always be pushing for skin positivity and inclusivity on my Instagram and Twitter so make sure to follow me there @honeyjarhajar!



  Fig. 9                                                                      Fig.10  @honeyjarhajar 




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