4 Ways to Manage Oily Skin This Summer

If you are worried about melting makeup, dripping T-Zones and sweltering oily skin, this summer, this blog post is for you.

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The excess oiliness of summer can really notch up our skin concerns. From the increased heat and humidity, constant mopping of oily T-Zones, increase in blemishes and melting makeup - summer usually makes us feel quite “icky” which is the reason why some find themselves washing their faces more often or turning to a host of products for help.



Thus, just how our wardrobe changes with the season, it's also important that we start to change our skincare routine and products to help our skin better deal with its changing environment. Here are 4 skincare steps to help those more prone to oiliness this summer:


1. Cleansing

The squeaky clean feeling after a long cleanse can be addictive if you have oily skin. But don’t let yourself fall into the trap of over-cleansing, which can make your skin even oilier (as this usually leaves your skin believing it lacks oils and needs to produce more).

To cleanse makeup and oily residues, double cleansing can be an effective method to regain balance. The double cleansing method usually involves the first step being an oil cleanse that helps remove dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils before going over with a regular gel cleanser to remove any residue oil. This can result in a more lasting feeling of balance, reducing your urge to over-cleanse.



2. Key ingredients

We love Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) in how they help unclog pores and lift shedding skin cells, restoring the skin's natural skin cycle and preventing congestion. Salicylic Acid, a BHA, works well for oily skins as it helps unclog pores by removing trapped sebum and shedding skin cells lined within the pores. This is where exfoliating washes, toners and gels can help rebalance your skin. Just be wary of over-exfoliation, as it can damage the skin barrier and worsen any skin condition you may have.


The Sachi Skin Complexion Clarifying Accelerator is particularly great for the summer, with an Enzyme Acid blend containing Dioic Acid + Salicylic Acid + Mandelic Acid, it helps rebalance oily skins, brighten as well as resurface rough and uneven skin textures. Also look for for antioxidant, purifying and rebalancing ingredients like Niacinamide and Botanicals such as Thyme, Neem, Turmeric which all help support oily skins and prevent lipid peroxidation (degradation of protective oils in the skin barrier) which can lead to breakouts. Try to avoid to many occlusive layers and ingredients like petroleum, avocado oil or rich butters to help prevent exacerbate oily skin concerns or cause congestion




3. Layering

Pay attention to your day and night time routines and don’t over-layer your skin with too many products as this can lead to build up and congestion. For example, some may find the Complexion Clarifying Accelerator moisturising enough when layered with a hydrating product, letting them skip the moisturiser. Or you may notice your SPF is very moisturising during the day which means you can skip your usual winter moisturiser. 

Just pay attention to your skin’s hydration level and remember, moisturisers seal in hydration and when you skimp on this step, you lose more water through your skin which can cause your skin to produce more oil to make up for the lost hydration. Just stick to light moisturising layers and oil-free formulations in your skin steps if this helps retain balance.



4. Masking

Clay masks are great at drawing out oil and impurities from pores to give an immediate mattifying look and rebalance excessively oily skins. Take this summer as a chance to pamper yourself with a few more masks than you would over winter. To use these masks perhaps 1-2 times a week only to avoid over-drying your skin.


Summing up

Oily skin can feel troublesome at times, especially over summer, but we hope that these tips help you manage your oily skin better. Remember to always be kind to your skin and maybe we should have days where we just lean into the glow. 🌟



Disclaimer: The information provided (written and visual) is only for information purposes and it is not intended to be a medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment.

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