Making a Pre-Wedding Skincare Plan

For brides, bridesmaids and guests, a guide to looking your best on this special day.

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Whether there’s a month, week or a day to go, we have rounded up all the things you can do to help your skin reach its most beautiful self on your big day.


You can line up the dress you wear and which makeup artist you’re going to hire, but your skin can be the final wildcard that can possibly throw a wrench into your plans of looking and feeling your best on this special day. Just keep in mind that no one can really get “flawless” skin on their wedding day, and bumps and dark marks are normal. Here’s a quick guide to give you a little help along the way and a few of the best pre-wedding skincare products!

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1-2 months before

DO: Clarify and smoothen!

Exfoliants are your best friends at this stage, and a good option for those who prefer to keep their pre-wedding skincare at home. One to two months gives you plenty of time to smoothen your skin texture so that makeup sits beautifully and builds up a glow that’s going to last through your wedding day. Just be careful not to over-exfoliate in your enthusiasm. A ½ to 1 pump of our Complexion Clarifying Accelerator is just right for an overnight glow.

DON’T: Exfoliate if it’s your first time with acids.

Ideally, you want to stick to trusted products to eliminate any chance of irritation or flare-ups. Try not to introduce any new products when there is 1 month left to go. Exfoliation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 30 days is barely enough to go through the trial and error needed to find the perfect exfoliant for your skin.

1 week before

DO: Hydrating facials

With just a few days to go, the best facial for brides are those that are plumping and hydrating. We love rejuvenating therapy treatments paired with a good depuffing massage that leaves your skin plump and perky for the next week. Don’t ditch your regular skincare routine though, maintain your momentum until the final day.

DON’T: Extraction treatments

Even if you have a breakout, avoid extractions and ask your facial therapist for a gentle exfoliating treatment that eases spots away instead. The physical stress of an extraction can cause irritation-you really want to avoid this when you’re close to the big day.


1 day before

DO: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This is just great for prepping the skin. Ideally, you will want your makeup to stay put all day, highlighting your natural glow with minimal touch-ups. Calm, hydrated and firm skin sets the base for this. A swipe of the lightweight and gel-like Triphala Pigmentation Corrector (TPC) provides deep hydration and barrier support that strengthens your skin for just this effect, imparting a lovely glow without being too heavy. As we head towards peak summer heat, you can even swap out your heavier moisturiser for the TPC!

DON’T: Panic

In all the frenzy, you may suddenly notice new “flaws” on your skin and think you need a quick fix to clear things up. Take a pause here and remind yourself of the hard work that you have put into your skin and try to avoid any new or harsh treatments. If you see any blemishes pop up, you can perhaps reach out for hydrocolloid patches or dab a little Complexion Clarifying Accelerator and watch them flatten overnight. Lastly, trust your makeup artist to make you look great on the day! 



No time is too late to start preparing your skin for the wedding. Whether that means changing up your skincare routine or doing skincare just the day before, remember that this is your time to shine—not just because it’s your wedding day, but because you deserve to feel confident in yourself and your body every single day. Plus, sending you love for the big day!

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