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Sachi Skin lives at the nexus between ancient Ayurvedic botanicals and modern science.  


You may wonder why we’re so keen on continuing the Ayurvedic tradition, which is five thousand years old. Simply put, it’s because it works. Ayurveda is different from present-day medicine for its holistic approach: it treats the root cause of an ailment rather than the superficial symptoms. This is key to our goal of reaching health and balance both in lifestyle and in skin. 

Triphala, licorice root, bakuchiol, black cumin and holy basil are all powerful herbs that we incorporate into our proprietary blends. Let’s see how they work: 


Triphala extract is a blend of 3 Ayurvedic superfruits, Phyllanthus emblica (Amla), Terminalia Chebula and Terminalia Bellirica. These have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers that rival those of pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) serums. In addition to collagen-producing and moisture-retaining properties, Triphala diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and repairs UV damage. 

That’s why it’s the star of our Triphala Pigmentation Corrector, a first-of-its-kind pigmentation corrector containing no AHAs, BHAs, retinoids or hydroquinone. 


Liquorice Root

Liquorice root is an ancient remedy for hyperpigmentation and discoloration. It can be found in our Complexion Clarifying Accelerator, which we made to help brighten the skin while retexturising. In a 2019 study, glycyrrhizin (a triterpenoid compound,) the main constituent of the licorice root, displayed excellent inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase, which produces melanin, which in turn causes pigmentation. Glycyrrhizin is also anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, and the combination of these properties make it a great ingredient for well-ageing. 



The Babchi plant, from which the Bakuchiol molecule is isolated from, has been used in ancient Ayurvedic practice, as well as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for centuries. It smooths the appearance of wrinkles, evens out pigmentation, improves skin elasticity and reduces photo-damage, and is often seen as an alternative to retinoids, without the associated sensitivity and the same risk of dry patches. 

We love this ingredient both as a standalone, and as a supercharge addition to Retinoid formulations. 

Our Ursolic Acid & Retinal Overnight Reform pairs bakuchiol with encapsulated retinaldehyde to deliver gentle, effective results, and all without the anticipated irritation.


Black Cumin

Black cumin has been known to restore the skin ever since the days of the pyramids. There’s evidence of its use in the Bible, Arabic texts and Ancient Egypt. The long list of beneficial components of black cumin includes vitamin A, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, natural antihistamines, zinc, anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, which work to fight acne, provide moisturisation, brighten and promote healing of the skin. Our Ursolic Acid & Retinal Overnight Reform utilises these effects to provide all rounded protection from any irritation when using retinaldehyde.



Used for medicinal purposes throughout history. Curcumin, the active component of turmeric, has strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which have been clinically proven to be effective in treatment of blemishes, dry skin and hyperpigmentation. Both Turmeric and Curcumin extracts are safe options for most skins. 

Centella Asiatica

With first evidence of use of the herb three thousand years ago across China, India, Africa, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Madagascar, the Centella Asiatica extract was first isolated in the 19th century. Its many active compounds, including asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic and madecassic acids, which are effective in treating small wounds, burns indented scars, sun-damaged skin and stretch marks due to its collagen-building and anti-inflammatory properties.


This herb has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for over two thousand years. It provides antioxidant benefits to neutralise free radicals and is also an anti-lipid peroxidative, meaning it prevents natural skin lipids from breaking down. Rich in polyphenols, it is a soothing anti-inflammatory that helps calm sensitivity and reduce skin redness.





For those who are new to Ayurvedic skincare, the multitude of herbs available can seem overwhelming to choose from. At Sachi Skin, we are giving you a head start. Our products incorporate Ayurvedic botanicals, and we’ve curated them just for you. 

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