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Patience - Persistence - Protection

Patience: Some ingredients can produce results in less than 14 days whilst others produce optimal results at 30 - 60 days or even longer (2-3 skin cycles). So set yourself realistic goals and expectations in reaching your new year skin goals. Oh and you might be thinking what is a skin cycle? Well a skin cycle is the process where a new skin cell is formed at the deepest layer of the epidermis and then works its way up to the upper epidermis (surface of the skin). You need to remember our individual skin cycles can vary and change as we age. When you are in your twenties this may be as little as 3 weeks and then as you age this skin cycle starts to take longer, 4-5 or even 6-8 weeks. So being patient when implementing a new product or skincare routine is important to allow renewed skin to reveal itself over time.



Persistence: It is important that you follow your skincare regime for at least 3 months with dedicated consistency. Skincare results will depend on your personal skin cell turnover (we discussed this above), which decreases as we age so persistence in following a 3 month routine is key. This is especially important for problematic skin states like hyperpigmentation, eczema which can take longer to resolve. Switching between products frequently may not allow you to reap the full benefits of a dedicated routine. Now this is not to say if you are experiencing some kind of “unexpected reaction” you need to keep going with an unsuitable product but it does mean if you are not seeing any immediate results don’t give up instantly to the next supposed “best” thing. Results at the gym take time to reveal themselves but the reality is January is the busiest month for gyms and then most people drop out by February when they just don’t see those immediate gratifying results. Yet those that do keep going with small incremental steps do eventually see great results over a period of time. So stay persistent! 


Protection: Using broad spectrum SPF 30 and above in your daily routine (as well as reapplication) is an essential step to help fade/prevent pigmentation, protect your skin barrier and support well ageing. We also recommend broad spectrum antioxidant protection during the day and night to boost skin barrier integrity. Antioxidants are often overlooked in the beauty industry and skin protection. We cannot recommend this underrated category enough. The issue with antioxidants is that we do not see their benefits immediately. This is where we say “trust the process”. They will reveal their amazing results over time as they keep your skin healthy looking for longer. 

Keep these 3Ps in your mind as you enter 2023 for happy healthy skin! 🤗

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