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We all cave in at the sight of bright new shiny things. Few serotonin hits exist like that of having bought pretty bottles of skincare to line up on a never-ending vanity, extended consistently by additional storage. 


The industry accommodates this pursuit of newness. There’s always a new launch, a new release. The next thing to buy, and to use for a month before abandoning it to the dark void of the drawer you avoid opening. 


Listen. We aren’t strangers to  bathroom shelves that look like the apothecary of a mediaeval potion seller. We’ve all been accused, on several occasions, of hoarding.



Product Overload 

Many of us are all too familiar with product overload. One might even say that we live in an age of overload, because temptation is everywhere, and because things can appear with a few keyboard taps. 

We like to be told what we need. You NEED this to clear your skin. You NEED this to soften your lines, brighten your complexion, smooth out your blemishes. 

There’s nothing wrong with buying things that make us happy, and there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself when things get a little tough. But how do you know when enough’s enough? 

Four fully oxidised vitamin C serums in their orange glory. That’s a breaking point.

While consumption culture provides momentary joy, it can also trap us in cycles of buying just for the sake of buying, which is not only a strain on space and finances, but also on our planet. It’s also a little stressful to have to keep up with everything. 

Managing Your Fomo 

That new serum on TikTok looks beautiful, but will it work for you? What’s inside it? What skincare issues are you looking to address? What ingredients will help you out with that? 

And–importantly–do you already have something similar? 

While it’s not feasible for many of us to completely Marie Kondo our lives, there is a certain joy in moderation, and in seeking out skincare products that really do work for us. 

Because, at the end of the day, we know what feels better than having the newest thing that everyone else has: it feels even more amazing to have the skin of your dreams. To put something on your face and know that it’ll work.




Our Philosophy

As a science-focused brand, we know that experimentation is important. By all means, try and try and try. All we’re saying is that, if you find something that works, especially something that addresses MULTIPLE issues, why look elsewhere?


In order to actually see results, patience, persistence and consistency are paramount. 

Maybe you’ll get those wonderful results after using just 30 millilitres of product. Or, maybe you need more time. Each skin cycle is approximately 30-45 days, or longer for some. 

New skin takes time to reveal itself. Be patient with your skin and patient with yourself. Being patient with your routine during this time is important and falling at the knees of newness might be something we want to reign in if we truly want to see sustained long term results. 


On Quick Fixes 

We still want the little serotonin rush, though. The new blusher, the new lip tint. Makeup is a great thing to satisfy that need. 

As far as skincare goes, we suggest finding what works, and sticking to it. So, the question we want you to ask yourself when reading this is:


Are you just doing it for the Shelfie? Or are you doing it for you? 

Wishing you happy, healthy skin, always.

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