12 Things I’ve Learned in the Beauty Industry as a Founder of Colour

It’s been a long road, but I’m here to share my insights on the industry and on Sachi

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I have always felt like an outsider in the beauty industry because as I get deeply passionate about a subject, I tend to withdraw myself from noise or distractions and bury myself in the craft of beauty, understanding skin deeply and the art of formulations. Yet at the same time when you bury yourself in deep meaningful work, the insights and observations become all that much more plain to see.


It’s been a long road, but I’m here to share my insights on the industry and on Sachi.


Embracing Skin States as a philosophy for care. Our skin is ever-changing, just like us. Recognizing this and creating products that adapt to various Skin States has been at the very center of our mission. Flexibility is key. The longer I spend in the industry, the more stark this message becomes. Let’s move beyond the rigid language of types, and love our skin in every state. 

Our heritage matters. Drawing inspiration from my South Asian heritage and Ayurvedic wisdom, I've learned the immense power of cultural knowledge in formulating truly inclusive, effective skincare. Ignoring cultural heritage would mean missing out on all the amazing ingredients that make Sachi what it is. 


Representation and inclusivity must be at the forefront. The beauty industry should celebrate diversity and ensure everyone feels represented. Having suffered from an industry wide lack in effective care for skin of colour, particularly hyperpigmentation, I know the struggle personally. This drives our mission to cater to all tones and skin types, and to platform brands and creators who share our desire to make the industry more open and inclusive. We will always create for all skin tones.


Formulation is an art, and good art takes time. Crafting effective, safe, and thoughtful formulations requires a deep understanding of ingredients and their interaction with different skin types. I’ve learned not to rush formulating, or to formulate for formulating’s sake. Everything I do is intentional. Psst something coming your way soon ;-)


Connection is everything. Listening to the concerns and experiences of our customers has been crucial in developing products that address their unique needs. Sachi’s approach, which prioritises results where they’re most needed, is what makes us truly special. Two people have been passionate enough to join our staff team after trying and loving our products. I’ve learned how important connection is, and how powerful.


It’s always good to learn. Sharing knowledge about skincare empowers our customers to make informed decisions and develop healthy routines. The amazing response to our educational resources, like my free pigmentation e-book, has shown me just how ready to learn everybody is. It’s amazing! 


Mind-body connection. Skin health is interconnected with overall well-being. I've learned the importance of addressing both external and internal factors for optimal results. As a founder, I have to balance my family, my work and myself. Long nights and hard work have shown me just how important balance is. Honestly, none of us have it all figured out. But we’re in it together. 


Always act with transparency and honesty. I’ve always appreciated transparency and accountability. I am grateful and humbled for all the trust our customers have in us, and it’s my job to honour that. 


Sustainability! Embracing eco-friendly practices and sustainable packaging aligns with our commitment to both beauty and the environment. Being in the industry for a while, I’ve personally watched the push toward more sustainable beauty. As a company that creates multi-solution products, Sachi is proud to be part of that drive. I know there’s much more to be done, but I’ve learned that thoughtfulness is the key to moving toward sustainability in beauty. 


Your mindset is as important as your routine. Feeling good about ourselves is a crucial aspect of beauty. Our brand aims to promote self-love and acceptance in every aspect, and for everyone.


Beauty moves fast. It’s important to slow down. It’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety of the industry. I’ve learned, sometimes, to take a step back and cherish my life—my family, my leisure, my time. 


There will always be new trends. But don’t throw out what works. There is a constant pressure to pick up the new thing. I love an experiment, but sometimes, it pays to stick to the tried and true. Starting an Ayurvedic brand with ancient remedies in mind, and seeing so many people experience tremendous results, has shown me that sometimes grandma does know best. 



I'm sure the coming years will bring so many more learnings and I cannot wait to share more with you as we grow together on this journey xxxx


Much love to our community! x Farah



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