Prioritise Defence and Repair This Winter

Whether its for healthy skin, radiance or a well ageing approach, here are some ingredients your skin needs.

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Well-ageing is an important philosophy here at Sachi Skin. With this in mind, our latest launch, the Pro Resilience Serum, is here to support healthy and happy skin over time. To support the skin barrier integrity, strength, suppleness, hydration and firmness. So how do we do this? By prioritising Defence and Repair. Let us explain. 



Our skin is constantly under attack from the environment, fluctuations in emotions, hormones and stress levels - all of which prevent us from reaching our happiest skin state. Well-ageing defence and repair approach is learning how to stay resilient against these changes. And the key to skin resilience is maintaining a strong and healthy skin barrier. So here are some key ingredients that help power skin resilience:


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Multi molecular hydrators

Like any other organ, water is needed to maintain optimal cell functioning. And in the skin, water is something that escapes the skin easily when the skin barrier is compromised (otherwise known as transepidermal water loss). Humectants like Beta Glucans, Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid draw in moisture from the air around us into the skin. This gives our skin functions a boost and keeps it resilient against attack.


Free radicals from pollutants and pesticides are all around us, causing destructive chain reactions in the skin to impair our barrier function. Antioxidants stop the reaction free radicals from starting this attack, keeping our skin healthy with a decreased need for healing assistance. The Pro Resilience Serum contains a 10.5%% Ayurvedic Bioflavonoid Repair Complex that provides a strong antioxidant network support that replenishes itself to consistently provide free radical protection.

Anti Inflammatories

Otherwise known as soothers, address the redness, itching sensations, discomfort and swelling that may arise from an immune response to a weak skin barrier. When your skin is in this state, you will need “calming” ingredients to soothe your skin. Anti-inflammatories like Aloe, Centella Asiatica, Oat Extract, Arnica, Turmeric and Cucumber extract help calm your skin and ease the risk of irritation, leaving your skin comfortable and resilient against environmental attacks. 


Ceramides create a protective seal over the skin to keep hydration in while filtering irritants and pollutants out. This keeps the skin healthy and defended against attacks. Keeping the skin replenished with ceramides also balances the skin and helps bring it closer to its normal working capacity.


As the building blocks of skin proteins like collagen and elastin, peptides strengthen and rebuild the deeper layers of the skin. Thus the skin is kept strongly reinforced against physical and chemical stress, with a pro-healing environment that softens the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. 

Repair and defence ingredients create a pro-healing environment that helps keep your skin in its happiest and healthiest state and we think they are a must in both your AM and PM routines.



Disclaimer: The information provided (written and visual) is only for information purposes and it is not intended to be a medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment.

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