4 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Skincare Routine This Summer

Take this summer as a chance to simplify your skincare routine.

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Ever heard of the saying “less is more” in skincare? This is never more true than in the summer. Heat, sweat and oil are heavy enough on your skin. The last thing you need is a 10-step skincare routine that leaves your skin struggling to cope with product and environmental stress. Here are some tricks to cut down on the layers you put on your skin this summer. 



How do you know if you are using too much skincare? 

Summertime means your skincare routine is in for some changes, no matter which condition your skin is at, and streamlining your skincare routine is one that can help relieve the burden on your skin over summer. This is not just about trading in your winter skincare products for those labelled "summer-friendly," but really re-evaluating each skincare step and making judgements on what you need to keep and what is better saved for fall.

Let's take a closer look at how to streamline your skincare regimen to keep it simple and effective. Follow these steps and your skin will be ready for whatever summer throws at it!

#1 Multifunctional products

Using separate products for each of your skincare concerns stacks up to a long winded routine that is too stuffy for your skin in summer. So when you build a skincare routine, look for products that have multiple active ingredients that work in synergy to address many skin concerns at once. For instance, our Triphala Pigmentation Corrector does more than just help with hyperpigmentation. It contains potent antioxidants to combat free radical damage from the sun, and peptides and reparatives that aid pore refinement, provide barrier support, anti-glycation (breakdown of Hyaluronic Acid) support and well-ageing benefits. Not only does this help you achieve “Skinimalism” but replacing multiple skincare steps with one is better for the environment too! This is is something we truly advocate at Sachi Skin. Multi-functional products are good for you and good for the planet.

#2 Find a moisturising sunscreen

Getting your day’s moisturisation fix from sunscreen is also an option, but not all sunscreens are suitable for this. Make sure your sunscreen contains moisturising ingredients like Glycerin, Panthenol or Propylene Glycol, just to name a few examples. Avoid heavy and oily sunscreens if you are prone to congestion.




#3 Reach for hydrating serums

Another hack to skip the moisturiser is to look for hydrating and moisturising ingredients in the treatment steps of your skincare routine. Hydration serums and toners are not just perfect for winter but for hot seasons too! Oil-free hydration can be perfect for oily and combinations skins battling summer breakouts and congestion from product overload. For example, Sachi Skin’s Triphala Pigmentation Corrector is a deeply hydrating fluid and the Complexion Clarifying Accelerator unclogs and clarifies the oiliness and humidity of summer, and doubles up as a light moisturiser for the evening. So you can easily skip the moisturising setup at night if too many layers are weighing down on your skin.

#4 Take it day by day

If you regularly use toners, essences and serums that you just can’t cut from your routine, that’s fine too, but you don’t have to use them all at once. At Sachi Skin, we believe the skin exists more often in "states" than "types". A way to get the most out of all your skincare is to observe your skin everyday and apply the products that act on your needs. Better still, look for smart products that can address a few skin concerns simultaneously. For instance, if you had spent the whole day in the sun, you may need more hydrating and post sun reparative ingredients to avoid sun damage - this is where a product addressing redness, post sun care with well ageing benefits helps. 

Here’s a suggested transformational yet simple routine for the summer using just 3 of our Sachi Skin products. 


If you want to keep things simple, the most important thing to know are the needs of your skin. From there, all it takes is a little bit of planning and preparation. Overall, we say keep an eye out for lightweight products that won't feel heavy and use fewer of them than you think you need; this will save time in the morning and leave room for more fun in the sun!

Wishing you happy healthy skin days ahead! ☀️

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