Cleansing 101 Part 2: Choosing the right cleanser

In Part 2, we address some good practices and tips when it comes to choosing the right cleanser

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In order to choose the right cleanser for our skin, we first need to know what are the different types of cleansers available to us?


Foam Cleansers: These create a mousse-like foaming lather and generally preferred by those who have oily skins.
Gel Cleansers: These create a more gentle “froth” or “ rich foamy” lather and are usually designed for deep pore cleansing, making them ideal for oily, easily congested, dull and hyperpigmentation or acne prone skins.
Cream Cleansers: Creamy in texture. Usually high in lipids and emollients, making them perfect for gentle cleansing whilst still being tough on sweat, makeup, pollutants and imbalancing skin impurities. They can also be very hydrating and suitable for all skins especially those who are easily sensitized, dry or experiencing winter skin. 
Balm Cleansers: Luscious in oils, these are usually used as makeup removers to dissolve heavy makeup and stubborn formulas, such as waterproof mascara and sunscreen without stripping your skin.
Oil Cleansers: These are formulated with lightweight plant oils and cleansing agents, and they emulsify when combined with water very easily, effectively ridding one’s skin of dirt and impurities without stripping or weighing down the skin.
Micellar Waters: Made of purified water, moisturising agents and mild surfactants (cleansing agents), they are gentle-on-skin, multitasking solutions that can be used as makeup removers, cleansers and one step toner.
Cleansing Wipes: Perfect for on-the-go situations, think makeup artists on set that want quick on-the-go solutions. But merely using cleansing wipes for day to day cleansing is not something we advocate because of sustainability issues, and they are usually ineffective or too abrasive for everyday use.


                Choosing the right cleanser for your skin

                Let’s first ask ourselves a few questions before we decide which cleanser is the most suitable for us.

                How is your skin feeling?
                - Tight? Dry, dehydrated? Sensitive, reactive? 
                How is your skin looking?
                - Uneven? Dull, sallow? Breaking out? Dry?
                What is your surrounding environment like?
                - Suburban? Big city with pollution? Dry? Humid? Freezing?
                What are your skin goals?
                - Balanced skin? Radiant, even skin? Clearer, acne-free skin? 

                Once you have the answers for each question above, then we can start to think about which cleanser is right for your skin. 


                A traditional routine to finding the right cleanser for you might look something like this

                Relatively Balanced Skin? Foaming or gel cleansers for makeup removal or deep cleansing in the evening and cream cleansers for cleansing and replenishing moisture  and no stripping in the morning.

                  Patches of oiliness, dryness in a hot climate? Use cleansers that rebalance, oil control and hydrate  this might usually require switching between gel  and cream cleansers.

                    Congested, acne prone and sensitive? Gel cleansers for pore cleansing and rebalancing  excess oil with  mild exfoliating ingredients can help prevent breakouts and congestion. Don’t forget to look for high in humectants (like glycerin here) here to prevent overstripping your skin.

                      Easily reddened, dry or sensitive? Cream cleansers with nourishing and soothing ingredients like amino acids, gotu kola (centella asiatica), colloidal oatmeal, hyaluronic acid and oat oils. Micellar water can also be a gentle alternative for sensitive skins.

                        Damaged or hyperpigmentation prone? Gentle, antioxidant rich cleansers with mild resurfacing elements are usually great to lift discolorations, shedding dead skin cells, protect and brighten the appearance of the skin.

                        I guess this also gives us the perfect chance to introduce to you the Sachi Skin Cleansers which are finally here to help you in your foundational step of your routine. 


                        The Cleansing Duo

                        At Sachi Skin, we redefine the cleansing ritual by opting for a perfect gentle morning cleanse and a pore refining luminous evening gel cleanse for a great AM and PM cleanse across diverse skins. We're so happy to introduce to you the The Power of Duality™ Cleansers.

                        Our new cleansing duo, pays homage to our evolving skin throughout the day, bringing timelessly efficacious ancient wisdom into modern rituals both AM and PM. Experience the combined power of the powerful Ayurvedic botanicals, Saponins and Saffron, for soothed, hydrated, radiant skin. The Saponins Cream Cleanser and Saffron Luminous Cleanser are designed to revolutionise your cleansing experience, for a healthy and clean state.  

                        Drawing from the ancient practice of Ayurvedic holistic care, Sachi Skin merges Ayurvedic heritage botanicals, modern living and advances in dermal science for truly transformational skincare rituals and results.

                        The Saponins Calming Cream Cleanser and Saffron Luminous Gel Cleanser are designed to work as a synergistic cleansing duo; from calming, and hydrating to brightening or purifying the skin. The perfect duality for addressing your skin concerns and the continuous change your skin undergoes over time.


                        The Saponins Calming Cream Cleanser gently cleanses, rebalances, hydrates and protects the skin's natural equilibrium.


                        The Saffron Luminous Gel Cleanser brightens and clarifies easily congested, dull, oily, uneven complexions to promote luminosity.


                        There you have it! A complete cleansing guide to get you going. Happy Cleansing #SachiCircle! xx

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