14 Instagram Accounts To Follow for Mental Health Support

A curated list of Instagram accounts to support your mental well-being. 

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Written by: Farah. L


The last two years have not been easy. As a sense of normalcy begins to emerge in some countries, the return to pre-pandemic life seems like a distant memory.  Social media has been a place where many of us have sought refuge during this period. The increase in social interactions on these digital platforms has been known to help reduce anxiety and depression even though it can equally be a psychological maze at times. 


Over the years, social media has grown to be a great tool in raising awareness on mental health with various free resources and informative accounts. To commemorate World Mental Health Awareness Day, we have curated a list of 14 supportive accounts to help you navigate bouts of anxiety, depression, frustration, loneliness and just several feel-good accounts that help support you and your mental state into one of positivity, self-love and self-acceptance


1. @wetheurban


First up - We The Urban. 


Black-owned, celebrating inclusivity, self-love, & marginalized voices

This Black-owned digital platform celebrates inclusivity, self-love, and offers a platform celebrating Black, Indigenous,  People of Colour (BIPOC) and marginalised voices. Founder Willie Green's mission was to destigmatize mental health within the BIPOC communities and to empower people from the Black community who have long been shunned to better address mental health issues .




2. @dearmyanxiety 


Next - Dear My Anxiety. As self-explanatory as its name, Dear My Anxiety is an account dedicated to addressing the many challenges that anxiety can cause to our everyday life and tips on how we can better manage these bouts of anxiety. An account that can really help you get out of your head.




3. @selfcarevisuals


The account serves bright, bold and visually stimulating posts about mental health issues, self-care and  all round great positivity. It also free wallpapers you can use for morning affirmations.





4. @igototherap


We really love this account as it opens one's eyes to what it really means to go to therapy as well as debunking a lot of my misconceptions surrounding mental health issues.

PS. If you’re looking for a sign to take the leap of faith and go to therapy, this might be that nudge!




5. @therapyforblackgirls

Founded by psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Therapy for Black Girls aims at destigmatising mental health and making mental health resources more accessible for black women in the community.





6. @letstalk.mentalhealth


If you’re tired of wordy IG posts - this account is for you. Packed with thought-provoking infographics, this account raises self-awareness as it gets you thinking and observing yourself.





7. @howmental


How Mental takes a fresh approach to addressing mental health. Filled with mental health memes, infographics and fun posts, we love how the posts are relatable and really hit home. 





8. @thoughtcatalog 


If you’re looking for calming images paired with deep and meaningful writing, this account is the one for you. An account that addresses everyday life struggles and personal growth - this account is food for the soul.



Photo credits: @tajaroraa                                                


9. @collectiveworld


A sister account to @thoughtcatalog, Collective World adopts a unique approach to mental wellness - wise words from creatives and writers across the world. From affirmations to words of wisdom this account is a feel good- goodie!




10. @thehappynewspaper


Too much negative news can take a toll on our mental wellbeing. The Happy Newspaper is an account solely dedicated to publishing positive and interesting nuggets of news that is sure to make your day!




11. @myselflovesupply 


Learning how to love ourselves is an integral part in our mental health. With tips on self-care and lessons on loving ourselves, My Self Love Supply is a reminder for us all to be a little kinder to ourselves





12. @morganharpernichols


Artistic, meaningful and inspiring all at once. Take a look at some of her posts and you’ll know what we mean.





13. @EthelsClub 


After having to close its brick-and-mortar location, founder Naj Austin has managed to pull its community onto the online platform, centering on providing wellness and mental health content to empower people of colour.





14. @hopeyouhaveawonderfulday_


Last on our list is ‘Hope You Have a Wonderful Day ‘ (pun intended). This account is just pure positivity. If you find yourself drifting towards negative thoughts, this will surely get you back on track for a great day ahead!




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